"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein
the energy of life that emerges from within; the state of being strong and active
The food we eat is information, instructing our genome with every mouthful & changing genetic expression.

Dr. David Perlmutter
cutting-edge technology, tools, and science to become the best version of yourself

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There is a new paradigm of Health Optimization & Wellness that could change your body, mind & overall health today and have a huge impact on your tomorrow’s.  As your Dietitian, it is important that you know this new paradigm starts with understanding your DNA profile.  Learn how genomic-based nutrition & performance can help YOU and/or your company be more efficient at overall performance…. both in LiFE and in SPORT.

Ready to find out the exact nutrition & fitness plan that fits with your Genetics?

Do you have a new health-based product and need help taking it to market?

Are you a top level Executive in need of some nutrition direction due to your intense lifestyle?

Looking for a Speaker to take your team or organization to the next level?

Have you started a company that is looking to venture into the fitness industry yet unsure of how to get an edge on your competition?

How best do you formulate your specialty food or drink product so to reach your target audience?

Does it feel like you have run out of ways to teach people about eating healthy or how to Live with Vitality? Or what about taking charge of their life?!

Well… let me help you. I have been working in the field of nutrition & exercise for over 20 years and my experience is vast. I’ve played a major role in DNA-based nutrition, Kidney Dialysis, the fitness industry, medical device as well as nutritional supplementation. Check out the ‘clients’ page for a more extensive list. Yet even more important than my experience, is that I get it!  I know the science of nutrition and nutrigenetics.  I have taken multiple supplement companies and devices ‘live’ in the fitness industry.  I understand the power of the brain.  And I can link it all together with my entrepreneurial business mind. You can trust me to provide you with that missing nutrition perspective you have been longing for.  All backed by science, of course!

Chief Nutrition Officer: Rebel Labs Cooking Series


A Healthy Brain starts with a Healthy Gut


Living with Vitality



Get to know what YOUR body needs, and wants, to keep it running efficiently...

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If eating for Vitality were simple, we would not be overweight, we would not see so much illness and …we would all be living happy & healthy to 100 years old.

The reality is that each one of us is different.

We all have different metabolic needs.

We all have unique tastes.

And, we definitely all come from different backgrounds – which means that our perspective on food is very individual.

What science has taught us tho, is that there are some commonalities within our bodies that we should not overlook.  There are some basic nutritional needs that can keep our body running efficiently and without major issues (aka: without heart disease, cancer, low energy, weight gain, etc.).

Your body is an incredible machine.  It will try to keep you walking, talking and thinking no matter what you feed it – just as long as you do feed it something, and water it, on a regular basis.  The sad reality is that eating ‘whatever’ only works for a while and then the body gets tired of trying to work around its basic functioning.  This is why eating foods that fuel the body is so important as we get older.

Industry has made eating a bit more confusing than it was in the past.  I get it.  What I would like for you is to gain an understanding of what YOUR body needs, and wants, to keep it running efficiently.  You can then make an educated decision on what you put IN your personal machine.

The food you eat, can (and will) determine if ‘your machine’ will be sitting in the junkyard when you get older


If you will be free of rust & engine issues zipping down the autobahn!?

 Take a new look at Eating for Vitality.







Influencing our DNA by changing the food we eat, activities we do and our environment.

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Let go of what you cannot control.

Take charge of things that are in your control, and let go of situations that you cannot change.

Knowing your Nutrition & Fitness Genomics can help take away the guesswork on what you should & should not be eating, as well as how to maximize your activity so to reach your goals.

Shifting your Perspective is a process – regarding what you are or are not ‘supposed’ to be eating, to be doing in your spare time, to be making per year, or how you should be disciplining your children, etc.  This perception shifting all starts with you being mindful.  Being aware of what you are currently doing, eating, not eating and how much you are moving, so that you can begin to break those habits.

Habits that we have created for ourselves, do not always serve us in the long haul of life.  They often times leave us stressed-out and can leave us chasing our tail in the weight loss game.


It is time to start being mindful of what we are doing to and with our bodies so that we can eliminate the not so productive habits and create new good-for-the-soul habits.

Epigenetics & Mindfulness will help us shift our perspective so to Live life with Vitality!



Odds of Living with true Vitality are very high... IF we keep moving.

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We manage our energy.

We are in control of what goes IN and what goes OUT.

Movement is Life!

 Remember when you were a kid?!  How fun was it was to run and play?!  It seemed like you could go all day and all night, if only your mom didn’t call you in for dinner, right?!

Well, activity is not only for kids.  It is the core of our existence.

Our bodies like to move (believe it or not).

It helps our mind relax.

Our heart can pump out all of the toxins.

Our bones will stay strong to support us.

We will actually have a better chance at Living with true Vitality if we keep moving.

Being active may seem like a chore at times, but if you step back and look at ALL the benefits a simple walk around the block can do for you…. I think you will find it is well worth your while!

Literally all it takes…. is putting one foot in front of the other.

And have FUN!

More About Michelle

Registered Dietitian, Freelance Consulting company based in Los Angeles, CA, focused on providing nutrition and fitness expertise to industry that is looking to get an edge on their competition, both personally and professionally. I am a Registered Dietitian with extensive experience in genomics, clinical, management, marketing, behavioral economics, fitness, wearable device as well as product formulation & distribution.

My mission is to help people Live with Vitality by working with influential companies and people that will spread the Vitality love via their own unique product, service or message.