About Michelle


A Registered Dietitian and International Speaker, I am the founder of Living with Vitality, a Performance Nutrition consulting company based in Los Angeles. A freelance business with the mission of sharing my trade secrets on nutrition, fitness, genomics, Executive Health while providing the Individual tools and/or best business practices with which to take new products or programs to market in our perpetual fluxing world of nutrition.

A true Dietitian with a Mission…. my mantra is to help people Live with Vitality by working with influential people or companies that will spread the Vitality love via their own unique product, service or message.


Your genetic profile will present a guide for how to EPIGENTICALLY influence your long-term health. We now know that what you eat, how you react to stress, your environment, etc., impacts how your genes are expressed. This means YOU are in control of your future!

We will detail out the following so to optimize your health & longevity:

  • What types of foods are best for your body
    • For weight loss
    • For longevity
    • For brain health
    • For athletic performance
  • What are the best exercises for your muscle fiber types?
  • Is it best for you to eat higher Protein, Carbs or Fats?
  • How your body recovers from exercise and stress
  • Your blood sugar response to certain foods
  • Which fats are best for you, your brain, your cholesterol and longevity
  • Does your body create enough dopamine OR is that holding you back from the addictive forces of sugar?!
  • How to best get you to your goal with nutrition & exercise

…and more

Personalized Genomic Nutrition & Activity Package = $525.00

  • One-hour genetic review session
  • Detailed genetic-based nutrition & fitness program



*One-on-One Sessions available without Genomics.

**Speaking engagements available upon request.

Getting Started:

  1.  Order your DNA saliva test Kit today:  https://refer.23andme.com/s/michellericker
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An industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Dietetics and one of  the country’s most respected authorities on nutrition and nutrigenetics. I am a Certified Health & Fitness Instructor through The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I was involved in and received Runner-up Prize in First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Healthy Apps Game Jam Competition. And, also ran research & development for brands including 24 Hour Fitness, Inc., Apex Fitness, Inc., bodybugg®, a state-of-the-art wearable personal calorie management system and the US Air Force “LivingFit” program. Over the years, I served as director of nutrition for Pentec Health (holding a patent for IV nutrition for kidney dialysis patients), Davita, Inc. and US Renal Care, Inc. Check out my list of clients here.


Building on my Nutritionist visionary work with world-renowned institutions and entrepreneurs, I offer high-level individualized consulting services. Developing customized plans, programs or media for improvement through innovative freelance services.  My past work has included serving as a scientific advisor for Pulse Health, developing a nutrition/exercise interactive website for the US Air Force, individual nutrition counseling practice & public speaking in both the fitness & nutrition arenas as well as executive management for some of the top dialysis companies. I have several projects in the works including, but not limited to, designing a nutrition program for the USAF enlisted & their families, US Senate, consulting for Gyro Gaming Cycle, BodyQuest Protein Ice Cream and Michelle Obama’s Let’sMove! Game Jam.  Check out all my clients here.