Food Coloring – The ‘Real’ Way

Excellent ideas for Natural Food Colorings…

By using the juices from the following foods to achieve a specific color, will ensure you achieve a beautiful (and chemical free) end result!

Green: spinach juice
Orange: pumpkin or carrot juice
Pink: raspberries or beetroot
Blue: blueberries
Purple: red cabbage or grapes
Yellow: yellow carrots, turmeric powder, saffron flowers

Using natural food colors will produce more of a pastel color than the commercially produced dyes so you may need to experiment if you seeking a very specific end result. However, the taste will be better, you won’t experience allergic reactions or side effects and your body will thank you!

(special thanks to @FoodMatters for the tips)


  1. Maggiepetkewicz

    That is agreat idea have to try it soon. This is what was used in the the olden days ,what’s old is new again.

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