Can knowing your genetic make-up lead to a healthier life?

A new paradigm of personal healthcare has arrived!  There is no denying the science showing us that our genetic make-up can open windows to our current & future health.  The question arises as to who can actually evaluate your DNA in a way that #1. is helpful #2. you can understand #3. will produce changes impacting your life?!

I have spent years learning about Nutrigenetics and Epigenetics, and let me tell you, it is an extremely complicated science.  Yet, what I feel confident in, is that we truly can tell a lot about your personal nutrition & fitness needs so to make clear recommendations to help you with today’s health issues as well as how to help you improve your body for the future!

This article gives some concrete examples of how knowing your genetics can improve your health, weight and longevity.

“I was like ‘wow’. They told me I don’t tolerate caffeine and refined foods very well, and I respond better to endurance training than anything else.”

“Knowing what your DNA says about your body’s food sensitivities, food breakdown, hunger, weight, vitamins, allows you to become a more informed consumer. You can become smarter about what you choose to eat, and smarter about what supplements you choose to buy, saving you time, energy, and money while getting the results you want faster.”

It also presents the controversy of how exposed the industry is due to it being so young in science.  Since it is still so new, only gives us an opportunity to learn from the leaders in the field…

because the upside to epigenetics is a COMPLETELY INDIVIDUALIZED overview of YOU!

When you are ready to learn more about how your body uses nutrients, doesn’t metabolize the way you feel it should and/or how to live a long, quality-driven life, let’s chat.

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