Myohealth: Essential Amino Acids to the Rescue!

Oh my…. I can not recommend this enough!


As a Registered Dietitian, it takes a lot to convince me on supplements, especially proteins or amino acids. But this one has done it! Since I started taking Myohealth, I got leaner and felt my energy levels increase.
I know it’s not magic, yet this clean blend of specially formulated Essential Amino Acids helps the body synthesize protein, increase muscle strength, function and decrease muscle loss.

* For a pre or post workout recovery. Do it!
* For those getting up in age that want to preserve muscle mass. Do it!
* For anyone looking to increase energy. Do it!
* If you want to lean out. Do it!
* Looking for a boost in strength? Do it!

I got you on this one. Plus the first order is buy one, get one free.

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