Chief Nutrition Officer: Rebel Labs Cooking Series

There’s a new Digital Health player in town…. and I’m playing the Role of Chief Nutritionist.
Check out ‘what’s cooking’ at Rebel Labs, Inc.:

The series is hosted by Jeffrey Saad, an award-winning rebel chef with many credits under his belt, including hosting three seasons of United Tastes of America on the Cooking Channel. We worked with Jeffrey and our Chief Nutritionist, Michelle Ricker RDN, to design some amazing (and amazingly simple) recipes. The goal: to create an introductory cooking series to teach our audience of millennials how to cook healthy and delicious meals that feed their mind, body, and soul.

How soon can you expect to see Rebel Labs’ first big release? The cooking course consisting of 25 episodes, and our extensive video cookbook library, will launch in late September. New recipes will be added to our video cookbook library every week.

What’s next? In September, we will be filming more than 300 male-friendly yoga and mobility workouts to help our audience learn effective cross-training techniques for whole-body fitness. Also in the works:

A 10-week nutritional course with an institutional partner
A full-scale, 52-week men’s fitness program
A post-partum women’s fitness program
And Rebel Labs apparel

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